ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified

As a supplier for several automotive companies requiring exacting standards CHUHATSU N.A. makes every effort to ensure the highest value of their products. whether it be Quality, Standards or Management, we will meet your needs.

Responsive Workforce

At CHUHATSU N.A. we have the ability to grow our workforce as necessary. Our company has developed a great working relationship with several employment agencies, enabling a quick response to variations in production requierments.

Diverse Global Supply Chain

As a result of CHUHATSU's global manufacturing presance and decades of experiance in multiple industries we have built a flexable and responsive supply chain allowing us to meet and exceed any customer expectations.

Philosophy and Objectives

To design and manufacture products of the highest quality and sell these products at a competitive price so as to ensure our continued job security. To provide service to our customers which is better than that offered by our competitors. To meet delivery commitments to ensure that we have satisfied customers – our real job security. To employ qualified people of the highest caliber to be a part of the CHUHATSU team and to provide training and development opportunities enabling them to qualify for positions of greater responsibility.

Ready and able

We are a well established company with over 300,000 Sq Ft manufacturing facility with adjacent property primed for expansion and available to meet you needs

Community Backing

Our company has been established in the local community for over 25 years providing mutual support and integration.


Welcome to CHUHATSU N.A. – Glasgow, Kentucky A company dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality and reliably on time and at a competitive price.